Bubba Tidal Pro Spinning Rod Review

Bubba Tidal Pro Spinning Rod

Get out and send it might be your next fishing rod experience if you are casting the all new Bubba Tidal Pro spinning rod. Designed by Bubba Blades, creator of many great fishing products, the new Tidal Pro Rod is built with the near shore angler in mind.  

Bubba Blades, based out of San Diego, California has been making gear for anglers since 2009. Originally building fishing knives, Bubba has slowly been expanding its range to pliers, nets, scissors, and now rods. The rods created by Bubba are geared towards inshore anglers. These are one piece rods that have long blanks made for long casts. There are three models within the Bubba fishing rod line-up. These models include the Tidal, Tidal Select, and the Tidal Pro fishing rods. The Tidal rod is the most affordable of the series with Tidal Select and Tidal Pro having the most bells and whistles along with a larger price tag. 

About the Rod

For my annual spring trip down to Florida I have decided to test out the new Tidal Pro Spinning Rod from Bubba. My usual quarry when fishing Florida are snook, redfish, snapper, jacks, small tarpon, and anything else that inhabits the inshore waters. That being said, I usually fish with swimbaits, spoons, rapalas, and live bait. The rod that would best suit the needs of this kind of fishing is the medium seven foot six inch rod. In the Tidal Pro model of rods there are a total of ten different combinations of options to choose from, including various lengths, power, and action.  

The Tidal Pro rod series has some really nice features. Of these, the most noticeable is the grip. The grip of this rod has a lot going on and is a far cry from a traditional fishing rod. The main handle has a non slip grip which is similar to a soft grip used on a golf club. Above this section is the reel seat that has both an ergonomic carbon fiber hand grip as well as exposed rod blank.  

Grip and Handle

The uniqueness of the rod itself isn’t just limited to the handle. The rod blank has an interesting matte unfinished look with exposed carbon fiber helical wraps. The blank is a seven foot very fast action rod in medium power. There are nine high quality and corrosion resistant Fuji guides running along the blank. Additionally, there is a fancy double offset snag free hook keeper to secure lures and hooks when not in use.

Bubba Tidal Pro Spinning Rod Fuji Guide

Bubba Tidal Pro Spinning Rod Helical Carbon Wraps


My inner fish nerd is definitely a fan of fishing rods that are specific for the area that they are meant to be fished. This rod is at home when fishing along the intracoastal waters of Florida. Each feature of this spinning rod is made for long casts, covering water, and light takes.  

Over my week in Florida I fished off beaches, jetties, boats, flats, and mangrove lined rivers using the Bubba Tidal Pro Spinning Rod. Fishing this rod has been enjoyable.  

Catching Fish with the Bubba Tidal Pro Spinning Rod

My favorite aspect is the additional length. The seven foot six inch model is really nice for making long casts. I fish a lot of spoons and swimbaits that require long casts. With the fast action and long length bombing casts is not a problem. This is perfect for fishing beaches, flats, and off of the boat where long casts are the norm. The grip of the rod also aids in long casts. Even with wet hands, the grip on the handle does not become slippery.

Battling a BIG catfish

In areas with tight mangroves a rod of this length is less ideal. There are shorter options available from Bubba for just this purpose.  

Aside from casting, another feature that I really like about the Tidal Pro fishing rod is the sensitivity. The fast action blank extends all the way down the rod. The exposed blank within the handle allows for the feel of every bump along the bottom. This has been great when drifting live shrimp in the current. Every tick of the bottom and light bites can easily be picked up on. 

Small Snapper with the Bubba Tidal Pro Spinning Rod


Lastly are the aesthetics and quality of finish. Rarely do rods receive attention from other anglers. This has not been the case with the Bubba Tidal Pro Spinning Rod. When walking down a popular jetty looking for snook, I was stopped multiple times to talk about this fishing rod. It seems that all of the unique features definitely get a second look from nearby anglers. The bright colors, matte finish, and helical carbon fiber weave stand out in a line up of your typical rods. The only feature I am not crazy about is the hook keeper. The ultra low profile makes it cumbersome to get hooks in and out of, and I tend to avoid using it. Maybe smaller hooks with less prominent barbs would make it easier to use.

Specs, Features, and Cost of the Bubba Tidal Pro Rod taken from Bubba

  • MSRP $329.99
  • 30 Ton Toray Graphite Construction
  • Fuji K Guide System
  • Fuji Graphite Reel Seat
  • Exposed Blank
  • Carbon Fiber Handle
  • Non Slip Grip
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Final Thoughts on the Bubba Tidal Pro Spinning Rod

Bubba Rods has done a great job designing the new Tidal Pro Spinning Rod for fishing near shore and intracoastal waterways. The long fast action rod blank is ideal for making bomber casts to cover lots of water.  When fishing light presentations the fast action and exposed blank offer great feel. If you would like a rod that stands out from the rest, give the Bubba Tidal Pro Spinning Rod a try. For more information visit bubba.com


Bennett Colvin: Bennett Colvin lives in Steamboat, Colorado and is an avid fisherman, hiker, skier, and outdoorsman. Bennett instructs fly fishing and runs youth fly fishing programs. He also is a professional fly tier and ties publicly at fly shops and expos.
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