Gifts for Stand Up Paddle Boarders

There is always new and exciting gear coming out for stand up paddle boarding, everything from sleek new boards to must have accessories. So we thought we would breakdown some of the top gifts for stand up paddle boarders into one handy guide that can really enrich the SUP experience.

Costa Pargo Polarized Sunglasses

Clear days on the water are the best for cruising around, and the Costa Pargo Polarized Sunglasses are the ideal companion for both clarity and protection. The shaping offers optimal coverage from the searing sun when we’re on open water and the polarization eliminates glare so we can enjoy the scenic views more clearly. With hooding and side shields, keeper ready temples and Hydrolite rubber the Pargos remain in place even when you pick up the paddling intensity. The design lends us both the style and performance we need on days out where the sun is the only thing that threatens to get in our way. It is also a good for the environment gift, as the frame is made from 97% recycled fishing nets. A win-win. MSRP $226

iRocker 12V Electric Pump and Battery

If you have every manually pumped up an inflatable SUP than you know what an arduous process it is. If you haven’t, take our word for it. Which is why we always bring along the iRocker 12V Electric Pump and Battery. With the iROCKER 12v electric pump along for the ride, there’s no need to tire out our arms before we even get our board in the water. We simply use the digital display to set the desired PSI and let it do the work for us, giving us about 12 minutes to get everything unpacked and ready for the water. It will also help deflate boards as well and comes complete with a convenient carry handle and cord storage compartment and easily fits in most paddle board bags. Pump MSRP $129 and Battery MSRP $84.99

Red Paddle Co. LS Pro Change Robe

The Red Paddle Co. LS Pro Change Robe is a life saver when it comes to staying warm in chilly SUP weather. No matter if you’re wet or dry, the Pro Change Robe will warm you up. Constructed with a soft grey moisture wicking fleece lining on the inside, the jacket dries skin quickly while keeping you warm. And the waterproof breathable shell keeps water out, stops the wind and on the coldest days, a concealed YKK two way zip with fleece guard covers the neck and the soft lined pockets work quickly to warm hands. The Red Paddle Co. LS Pro Change Robe is perfect for versatile use, whether changing out of wet kit or keeping warm before, during or after a SUP session, making it the ideal addition to any stand up paddle boarders kit. MSRP $229

Orca Walker Tote

With a tough shell, impressive insulation, and a convenient carrying strap, the Orca Walker Tote is the ultimate companion for our stand up paddle board adventures. This portable cooler is built lightweight with a hands free carry, so we can easily take this to the lake for mid-SUP sandwiches or keep it stocked with brews for the SUP crew. In addition you can rest assured with the dry bag front pocket that your keys, smartphone and wallet will be safe from any rogue waves or accidental tip overs on the water. MSRP $199.99

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2

Any time is a good time for music, even while SUPing, and there is no better speaker to do that with than the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2. The good folks at Ultimate Ears built this speaker like a “cannonball” that floats in water and equipped it with an IP67 waterproof construction, so you can listen to it underwater, if you should feel so inclined. The rechargeable battery can run for up to 13 hours, so you can rock it on the water and keep the party rolling on the beach afterwards. The sound profile is 360 degrees of big punchy bass for the pint sized package. And with the new Outdoor Boost mode, you can crank louder, more powerful audio that’s specially tuned for listening outside and it also sports a handy hanging loop so you can clip it right to your board. MSRP $99.99

Kula 5 Cooler

It seems like every cooler these days boasts impressive insulation and durability. The Kula 5 Cooler offers those things and more, it’s a cooler that combines the best parts of a cooler with a 5 gallon bucket. Use it as a cooler, seat, bait well, rod holder, cast net holder, equipment storage, or just about anything that you can do with a 5 gallon bucket. This insulated bucket uses thick dense foam insulation to keep everything nice and chill for days, while the rubber feet help prevent it from sliding off the deck. Convenient extras, such as bottle opener, one handed latch, side mounted stainless steel latch points and a padded lid for comfortable sitting, make it a great addition to SUP boarders arsenal. MSRP $210

Red Paddle Co. WP SUP Deck Bag

The last thing you want to discover after a day of paddling is a bunch of wet and soggy gear, instead keep it all dry with the Red Paddle Co. WP SUP Deck Bag. Strap this waterproof bag to the deck of your stand up paddleboard and rest assured that everything you put in there will stay dry thanks to its durable TPU fabric and a YKK aquaseal zip, even if it gets submersed. The Red Paddle Co. WP SUP Deck Bag is indispensable when ever we are spending time out on the water. Fitting seamlessly onto any board and packed full of features that makes packing, unpacking, and finding gear a whole lot easier than it is with a more traditional roll-top dry bag. MSRP $199.99

All Ways Down – 10 Barrel Brewing Company

10 Barrel Brewing Co. offers tasty outdoor IPA brews perfect for slow sipping while SUPing. The All Ways Down brew delivers a smooth profile that consists of Simcoe, Azacca, and Mosaic Cryo hops, this trifecta is a full-on assault of hop flavor and aroma. It will satisfy taste buds with juicy, bright citrus waves on a crisp, hoppy backbone. All Ways Down IPA hits at 9% ABV with 75 IBUs. 10 Barrel Brewing is deeply imbedded in the Outdoors and is easy to support because they donate a portion of their proceeds to protect and preserve important outdoor initiatives. If IPA’s are your SUPing refreshment go to, be sure to check out the selection at 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

iRocker All-Around 11’

The iRocker All-Around 11’ package incorporates an extra stable and comfortable board that will support tall and heavier riders or multiple people at once without compromising on performance. The backpack style bag gives a convenient carry option for hauling this board from the car to the water and back. Once on shore the included hand pump can inflate the board in just about 10 minutes. The 32″ width and 11′ construction lets us bring a whole cooler of lunchtime goodies and also gives us a smooth, stable ride even with a furry companion. With the grippy cushioned foot pad under our feet the iRocker All-Around 11’ offers one of the most value packed, versatile, and enjoyable rides on the water. MSRP $895


Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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