Incase Protective Cases for GoPro Review

Incase Protective Cases for GoPro

Incase Protective Cases for GoPro®

If you love your GoPro® and expect to keep it in one piece, some sort of protection is warranted.  I had the pleasure of testing out a couple of the Incase Protective Cases and was delighted with the results.  For the testing, I used my GoPro® Hero 3+ Black.

I tested the Mono Kit (pictured above) and a couple different protective cases (pictured below) that provide scratch protection for the case (it is not designed for the camera without a case).  Superior grip was also present which was nice when messing with it while skiing.

Incase Protective Cases for GoPro – Protective Case

The protective cases come in multiple colors and stretch to fit over the camera case.  I found the fit to be a little “off” and attribute that to Incase’s efforts to produce a cover that will fit a couple different cameras.  I have the standard mountable case for my camera and it fit tolerably well.  The objective of this cover is added protection, so I was not all that concerned with the exact fit. These covers also come in yellow (pictured below)

Incase Protective Cases for GoPro – Yellow

Incase Protective Cases for GoPro

Incase Protective Cases for GoPro

The Incase Protective Cases for GoPro also offer a “bubble” cover (my name, not theirs!) that is nice to quickly throw a cover over your whole camera (including these other covers).  I didn’t see a purpose for this WITH the form-fitting cover, so I didn’t use it for my tests.

Incase also offers a Dual Kit for those with multiple cameras.  I only have one, but included a photo so you could see the interior. The only thing I noticed that was missing from the dual vs. the mono was the slot for the remote control.  A feature I appreciated in the Mono.

Incase Protective Cases for GoPro – Dual Kit

Incase Protective Cases- Performance

The Incase Protective Cases performed quite well.  The protective cases were slightly challenging to get onto the camera, but once installed did not shift or move around much.  I also noticed that they stayed stationary even after bumping against tree branches and other debris while skiing through the woods.  The silicon they are made from makes it a little challenging to get the covers on and off.  This might be an issue if you are changing batteries frequently, etc.

For the Mono Kit, I decided to test it out for stability during a fall.  I did not leave my camera in the case, but put the case inside the Mono Kit and gave it a few tosses.  While this was rather fun (for my girlfriend), I was impressed by the lack of movement inside).

This was the opening of the case directly after impact:

Incase Protective Cases for GoPro – After the test

The case itself, although tested on snow, showed no signs of wear and the camera case inside barely moved.  While on this hike, I continued tossing the case down the trail, off of trees(yes, really!) and through the dirt and gravel (where it was exposed) and the case held up well.  I expected to have trouble with the zipper or maybe even see a crack, but nothing materialized during this testing.  The Mono Kit is very lightweight and is easily stored in a backpack or suitcase.

Incase Protective Cases – Details:

The Mono Kit dimensions are: 8.5″ x 5.5″ x 3″
The Dual Kit dimensions are: 9.5″ x 6″ x 3″

  • Constructed from: Tensaerlite® Shell and 1680D ballistic nylon molded cover and work with most GoPro® camera models.

The Protective Cases are: 4.5″ x 4″ x 2.75″

  • Constructed from Durable soft silicone.  Incase has specific protective cases depending on the model and housing you have for your specific camera.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Incase protective cases were great.  Lightweight, durable and easy to use.  The Mono and Dual Kits and Protective Cases also have modular pieces allowing you to customize it to your specific camera and housing (These are visible in the Dual Kit photo above).  All my action cameras and accessories cost a lot of money, and I am glad I now have a secure way to protect them from the abuse I am bound to put them through.

For more information on these Protective cases and other Incase products visit

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