iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP Review

iROCKER, a watersports and lifestyle brand that has been specializing in inflatable paddle boards since 2013, has launched a new selection of lightweight inflatable boards called the ULTRA™ Collection. These boards range in weight from 19 to 21 pounds and are designed to make traveling lighter, easier and a whole lot more convenient. The ULTRA™ Collection consists of four boards; the Cruiser, redesigned versions of iROCKER’s classic ALL AROUND 10’ and 11’ and a new BLACKFIN CX model. We will be reviewing the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra to see if the drop in weight still offers the durable, rigid and enjoyable paddling experience that we have come to appreciate from other high quality inflatable boards.

iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP Package

What is included with the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP?

From left to right:

  • A Compact SUP and Accessories Backpack
  • iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP with cinch strap
  • Accessory Pouch that contains:
    • iROCKER 12V Electric Pump
    • 2 x 9 inch Tethered Flip Lock Fins
    • 10’ Coil Leash with Key Stash Spot
    • Patch Kit
  • 4 Piece Carbon Shaft, Nylon Blade Paddle

The weight of everything included above comes in at only 33.3 lbs., which is a 25% reduction in overall weight when comparing it to the original iROCKER Cruiser package. This will be a very welcome step-down in load for those lengthy walks to the beach and especially those long hikes into hidden waterways.

Original iROCKER Backpack vs. New Ultra iROCKER Backpack

Build of the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP

Built with a wide 33″ base, a height of 10’6″ and weighing only 21 lbs. the ultra light Cruiser lands in that sweet spot category that is perfect for beginners and still more than capable for intermediate riders. The wide base will offer a more stable ride and also helps push the weight limit to 300 lbs., easily allowing for a rider and gear, rider and dog, or rider and child and in some cases two riders. And for those SUP yogis out there that 33″ base will make those moves a lot more balanced and the flow transitions easier.

The iROCKER Cruiser Ultra is engineered with an innovative cross thread drop-stitch construction that produces a firm board, but enables it to effortlessly fold in half for compact storage convenience within the backpack. Noticeable absent is the main rear center fin that is found on most SUP boards, this was eliminated and allows the Cruiser to be folded in half for compact storage. The center fin is replaced by two larger side fins, that in my opinion offers just as much stability and straight tracking, when compared to the normal three fin setup on most SUPs.

Rounding out the SUP build is the front and rear bungeed cargo areas each with side grab handles, a rear grab handle and off center carry handle, five D-Ring mounting points, three multi-use action mounts, an off set fill valve, and split EVA traction pads with heat emboss traction.

Overall the build quality and feel of the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra is right on point with what we have come to expect from top notch inflatable paddle boards. The new design and drop-stitch construction keeps the board light, yet remains exceptionally rigid once inflated, delivering a firmness that is as close as you can get to the feeling of a hard board with an inflatable.

Portability of the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP

Inflatable boards have always been considered portable, but iROCKER is definitely easing the load with the Ultra series. The design of the backpack and the board is all about portability and accessibility. The iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP package is lightweight, compact and perfect for traveling, whether that is for hiking into a waterway, saving trunk space or even trips aboard.

With the new drop stitch construction, iROCKER was able to make the Ultra series so compact that they had to redesign their signature travel bag to accommodate the smaller folded footprint. The new backpack is a lot more manageable, far easier to carry for longer distances and in my mind can truly go anywhere you are able to get to on foot. There is no excess weight to slow you down and the pack is well padded to keep you comfortable on even the longest treks to those secluded lakes.

iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP Backpack Features

  • Compact Size: 10″ x 16″ x 21″ Fits everything
  • Durable Material: Reinforced, coated fabric provides durability and a premium feel
  • Comfortable Carry: Plush shoulder straps and back padding
  • Adjustable Straps: Chest and shoulder
  • Double Zippers: Offers full open access for easy packing and unpacking
  • Pockets: Left, Right and a front zippered pocket for quick access to essentials and two internal velcro pockets
  • Removable Bungee: Great for holding jackets or board mats
  • Accessory Pouch: Keeps accessories (electric pump, ankle leash, fins and patch kit) safe and organized

Overall the portability of the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP is by far one of the easiest, lightest and most compact SUP packages that I have ever toted around.

Durability of the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP

Durability of an inflatable board matters immensely, whether it is water hazards, on or off shore rocks, docks or pets, you want to be assured that your SUP will be able to handle all the bumps and bruises of your water outing, as well as last year after year. For testing, I left the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra inflated for a month and a half (not recommended under normal use conditions) sitting outside in the elements, everything from direct sunlight to high temps to rain and wind, all to exacerbate the worst case scenario. Beyond maybe just a very slight bit of fading, the board held up fine. As you can see in the picture above my testing companion is riding where there is no EVA padding and his sharp nails did not hurt or puncture the triple-layer fused PVC composite board. And at one point he managed to slip off of the board and clawed his way back on, which had me holding my breath for immediate deflation, but the Cruiser didn’t even flinch. Between heavy usage, being tossed on and off a dock, shoved in and out of a wooden SUP stand and dog claws, the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra has proven to be plenty durable and will very likely hold up for many years to come.

Performance of the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP

The wide 33” base and broad tail makes the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP one of the more stable boards on the market. These wide dimensions do make it just a touch slower compared to a narrower board, which does require a bit more paddling effort. Beginner paddlers, families, pet paddlers and yogis will welcome the stability over the speed. This is not to say that you can’t get the Cruiser moving, because you can, using long deep strokes it will gain distance quickly.

The EVA foam grip pad provides a comfortable and firm footing allowing for full control of the board even when it is wet. The Cruiser tracks exceptionally well thanks to the larger dual fin setup and will certainly make it easier to go in a straight line if you are a beginner. There is little to no bounce and the board glides nicely on smooth and even choppier waters thanks to it’s tapered nose.

The iROCKER Cruiser Ultra is able to hold up to 300 lbs., which in most cases is enough capacity to have a dog on the board, supplies for a day trip or even use the board for tandem paddling.​

The new adjustable 5-piece carbon fiber paddle is lightweight and gives just the right amount of flex while being able to take nice bites in water with every pull.

iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP Board Specs

  • Height: 10’6″
  • Width: 33″
  • Weight: 21lbs
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Composition: Cross thread drop-stitch construction
  • Tail Width: 20.25″
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs.
  • Volume: 322.5 L

iROCKER Cruiser Ultra Accessories Specs

  • Bag Dimension: 10″ x 16″ x 21″
  • Bag Weight: 3.84 lbs.
  • Leash Length: 10′
  • Leash Weight: 0.6 lbs.
  • Paddle Dimension: 20″
  • Paddle Length/Weight: 87.4″/ 2 lbs.
  • Paddle Composition: Carbon Shaft with Nylon Blade
  • Accessory Pouch Dimension: 15″ x 9.1″ x 3.7″
  • Accessory Pouch Weight: 0.62 lbs.
  • Pump Features: iROCKER 12V Electric Pump
  • Fins: 2 x 9 inch Tethered Flip Lock Fins
  • Total Weight of Package: 33.3 lbs.

Final Thoughts on the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP

The iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP would be an excellent starter board for first time SUPer’s looking for that assured stability. Intermediate paddlers will appreciate the ample room for gear and the easy portability the backpack offers to explore those hidden waterways. Overall the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP delivers good performance on the water in an exceptionally portable package. If you’re looking for a SUP board that you can quickly and easily transport and take anywhere you go, then the iROCKER Cruiser Ultra SUP is what you’re looking for.

MSRP $899.99 For more information on the Cruiser Ultra SUP or other products from iROCKER, visit

Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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