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SpiderPro Holster Single Camera System Review

My SpiderPro Holster review can be summed up by saying go buy it if you own a camera. The system removes camera weight from your shoulders and neck and puts your camera in an easy to access location. The build quality is exceptional and has to be felt to really understand. Spider Holster thought long and hard about how this product works and it shows. As a professional photographer, I loved this system for long days shooting and as a traveller and adventurer, I loved how it kept my camera on my at all times without me worrying about it. If you only carry a lightweight mirrorless camera or point and shoot, check out the Spider Black Widow holster as an alternative. The SpiderPro is also available without the belt and as a two camera system. It retails for $135.

Black Rapid Sport Camera Strap

BlackRapid Sport Strap Review

One big problem I have while I’m out hiking and shooting photography is having my camera swinging side to side on my neck! In the process my camera seems to hit everything in its...