Fischer RC4 130 Vacuum Ski Boot Review


Jesse's love of the outdoors brought him to Colorado back in 2004 and he's continued to enjoy the natural playground ever since, having moved to the Vail area in 2012. Jesse is a professional photographer specializing in weddings, portraits and active lifestyle advertising. As a photographer with a love of hiking and camping, Jesse is constantly testing ways to carry camera gear into the backcountry. A former Level II certificied ski instructor who gets over 50 days a year on the hill. He was first put on skis at the age of 2 and spent 10 years snowboarding as well so he has a pretty good handle on what makes great snow gear. Jesse has been a multi-sport athlete for most of his life and loves to be active. To learn more about Jesse's photography work, visit and

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6 Responses

  1. Richie Fredericks says:

    Fantastic review of the procedure and performance of the leader in ski boot technology, Fischer.

  2. peter says:

    I bought fischer vacufit. I have a high arch. I have been back 6 times to the fitter and after remodeling adjusting etc they still cut off the bloodsupply to my feet. don’t believe the advert . 100% fit. guaranteed. if it doesn’t fit you end up with expensive useless skiboots. What a scam

  3. Jesse says:

    Hello Peter,

    Unfortunately, very high arches can be extremely difficult to fit into ski boots. It is possible that the only option for a comfortable fit would be a high volume boot with a really high instep. I am sorry you have this issue!

  4. Andrey says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I have recently bought RC4 130 and had boot fitted it twice but still have the same problem: a huge pain in toes after 1-2 hours of skiing. The size of the boot is 26,5; my ordinary shoes are usually 7,5-8. Was I wrong with the size of the boot (27,5 was too big; I was also told that RC4 should be smaller than other ski boots) or should I work on how I ski and lean more forward?

  5. Jaroslav says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I have the same problem as Andrey (pain in toes) after the first fitting and the problem persisted even though the remodelling was repeated twice. The MP point of the boots (RC4 110) is 27.5 and the length of my foot is 27 cm. Is there any chance to solve the problem?

  6. Jesse says:

    Hey Jaroslav,

    My initial thought would be that there was not enough padding placed on your toes when they were molded. Was a toe cup used? I would suggest going to a boot fitter that will put extra padding on your toes so that the boot molds with space available. Good luck!

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